Legal Technology

At Eclipse NewLaw, we are able to assist Law Firms and In-House functions to harness the exponential operational benefits that are unlocked with the effective use of software and solutions. We are inherently technology agnostic and have experience with numerous large global systems, and if appropriate for your organization, we can assist with the choice and implementation of a global legal technology system. However, we are also aware that the African market requires systems that are fit-for-purpose and more importantly affordable for African clients. As a result, we have built close relationships with well established primarily African developed technology that underpin the Eclipse NewLaw solutions and ultimately assist legal functions with their technology journeys.

Our legal operations solutions are proudly partnered with Legal Interact, with over 30 years experience in practice and matter management software that accelerates your function.

Our contract management solutions are proudly partnered with Origin Systems Updraft, the smartest contract drafting tool in Africa.

Our Governance, Risk, and Compliance management solutions are proudly partnered with Cura, an intuitive way to control your GRC obligations.