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Maturity – How mature is your Law Firm?

We understand that not all Firms are positioned at the same level, or even strive to be fully transformed. As a result, we can assist your Firm to move along the maturity curve with focused and fit-for-purpose solutions, that will position a Firm to grow and transform in a manner that is sustainable and flexible to meet the changing needs of not only the client, but the industry as a whole.

Legal Operations Consulting – For the Firm

What? Practice Management requires a comprehensive approach to maximising operational and financial performance of a law firm through value driven, technology enabled and data led legal function.


Why? Firms are under massive pressure to demonstrate value to client. With increased competition, Firms need to adapt their businesses. Using the legal operations framework, Firms can transform into modern functions able adapt to any changing need.


How? Eclipse NewLaw applies an “immerse, design and embed methodology” to establish the organisations existing practice management processes and procedures as compared to its requirements and obligations. Through a comprehensive analysis, Eclipse NewLaw transforms your practice whilst leveraging people, process and especially technology to ensure all benefits are enhanced by improving financial performance and overall Firm sustainability.

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