In-House Legal Operations Consulting

Maturity – How mature is your In-House function?

There is no one-sized fits all In-House legal function. It is this understanding that positions Eclipse NewLaw to assist many different In-House functions assess their maturity and transform into Strategic business enablers that help the organization drive value and move along the maturity curve with focused and fit-for-purpose solutions. The improved capabilities of the In-House function will reduce costs, both internal and external, but more importantly deliver high quality and reliable internal legal services delivery.


Legal Operations Consulting – For the In-House Function

What? The In-House function role is primarily to manage legal matters for an organisation. As a result, along with the Legal Operations framework, the Matter Management process that underpins the Eclipse NewLaw solution in relation to the question of “How do we improve the value we deliver?”


Why? Process certainty reduces areas of waste, duplication and constraints in the legal environment. This improves resource utilisations, ensuring the delivery of value to the client or end user.


How? Eclipse NewLaw applies an “immerse, design and embed methodology” to establish the organisations existing legal function and matter management processes and procedures as compared to its requirements and obligations. Through a comprehensive analysis, Eclipse NewLaw transforms your In-House function and matter management whilst leveraging people, process and especially technology to ensure all benefits are enhanced by reducing risk, improving financial performance and providing access to matter data for continuous improvement

Matter Management Model

Process Focused: Matter Management is systems driven management of legal matters for maximising operational and financial performance. Systematic Matter Management acts as an accelerator for any legal function.

In-House Function Considerations

Matter Management Process

In-House Function Consulting Services